Spatial Biology Has a New Star! 


Introducing SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC 

  • Flexible Panel Design 
  • Amplify Up to 8 Targets in Just 2 Days 

SignalStar™ Multiplex IHC lets you detect multiple targets in FFPE tissues simultaneously with flexible, highly validated antibody panels—accelerating data generation and letting you focus on results. 

Results up to 70% faster 

SignalStar technology is up to 70% faster from sample to imaging than other mIHC methods. Easily design your experiments in the online SignalStar Multiplex IHC Panel Builder and select targets from a menu of IHC-validated antibodies that work right out of the box in FFPE tissues. Try the panel builder. 

Plex your way 

Define your plex, run the easy-to-use manual or BOND RX protocols, then image and analyze using your existing equipment and software. SignalStar antibodies and fluorophores are interchangeable across panels, giving you the flexibility to change targets within panels anytime.  

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How SignalStar Multiplex IHC Works 

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Azemina Ibrahimovic