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The BioNordika basics are high-quality products at a good price. 

BioNordika's own affordable product line for standard laboratory work.

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Standard agarose, type LE

A standard agarose, type LE, ideal for fast routine separation of DNA and RNA fragments

  • Easy dissolution and fast gelling
  • Excellent transparency and low background staining, which provides clear visibility of the bands
  • Sharp, well-defined bands
  • Very low DNA fixation


Product noProduct description Size
BN-50004Standard Agarose - Type LE

500 gram


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Molecular Biology Water

This high quality Molecular Grade Water is suitable for use in molecular biology applications requiring high purity water, free from DNase and RNase.

  • Sterile (0.2 μm filtration)
  • Endotoxin level below 0.01 ng/ml
  • DNA free, DNase-free, and RNase-free
  • Free from PCR inhibitors


Product noProduct description Size
BN-51100Water for molecular biology

500 ml


Plate Sealers

Plastic, non- pearcable.


Product noProduct description Size
BN-77-410-05Plate Sealer

100 st





Product noProduct description Size
BN-Trypsin EDTA 1x

100 ml


Cell Culture Medium

We offer a wast range of cell culture medium with good quality to a 

More Medium and Supplements

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