Terms and conditions

General sales conditions; the conditions below apply unless otherwise agreed.

Payment terms

30 days net (after an ordinary, approved credit check)

Corporate ID number 


Price adjustment clause

If our purchase prices, raw material costs, taxes, import costs, etc. rise by more than 5% in total within one year, we reserve the right to adjust prices accordingly


In the event of a currency fluctuation in excess of 3%, we reserve the right to adjust the prices accordingly.

Delivery conditions

DDP Stockholm, Incoterms 2010.

Normal shipping and packaging is charged at SEK 200. Applies to Sweden. Normal shipping in the Baltic countries – EUR 55. Additional shipping costs may apply in the case of express deliveries, special supplies, certain chemicals and biotechnical substances, direct deliveries, bulk/pallet deliveries and deliveries where the purchaser designated a specific delivery method or packaging.


The purchaser must immediately, upon delivery, check that the goods are undamaged. If there is visible damage to the packaging, this must be noted on the consignment note upon receipt and the carrier must be informed. Complaints regarding faults or defects must be filed within 8 days of receipt of the delivery. Adjustments normally take place by means of exchange for non-faulty goods. Other claims for compensation are not considered. Returns of non-faulty goods are credited at a maximum of 80% of the invoiced price of the goods. In order for returns to be approved, the goods must be returned in new condition and in their undamaged original packaging. Returns of goods not stocked by BioNordika (Sweden) AB are not accepted. In the case of returns of non-faulty goods, these shall be sent free domicile to BioNordika (Sweden) AB. Returns must be approved and agreed before the goods are returned.

Producer liability

BioNordika (Sweden) AB is affiliated to the FTI (packaging), the former REPA register.

Will of the parties

The agreement is based on mutual trust between the parties and it is the wish of both parties that solutions to changing conditions may be found in good faith. For example, products can be discontinued and the agency relationship can be changed.


Goods are the seller's property until they have been paid for in full.