MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals is a global life science company with headquarters in California and regional offices across the globe. The company offers a diverse portfolio of life science products, fine chemicals, and diagnostics used in industries ranging from basic research to clinical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

FastPrep Tissue Homogenizers

  • FastPrep-24 5G: Advanced Bench-Top Bead Beating Lysis System, up to 48 samples
  • FastPrep-24 Classic: Bench-Top Bead Beating Lysis System, up to 48 samples
  • FastPrep 96: High Throughput, High-Performance Bead Beating Lysis System, up to 96 samples
  • Super FastPrep-2: High-Performance, Handheld Field Lysis system, up to 2 samples

Nucleic acid extraction

  • MPure-32™ aNAP System: automated magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction system

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